Escape to the château :Dick and Angel say their kids aren't spoilt

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Dick and Angel Strawbridge say living in the idyllic Chateau de la Motte-Husson has not made their children Arthur, eight, and Dorothy, seven, spoilt. The Escape To The Chateau couple maintain that despite living a life outside of the ordinary in the French castle, the family still remain incredibly close and down-to-earth.

On Thursday, BBC Radio 5 Live host Nihal Arthanayake asked Dick, 62, and Angel, 43, what life is like for Arthur and Dorothy in the 18th century property with 45 rooms.

Dick hit back: “It doesn’t feel like that. This is ridiculous.

“My eldest daughter, Charlotte, said, ‘How are Arthur and Dorothy not going to be spoilt living in a castle?’

“To be fair, they haven’t known anything different, they know that you work to actually achieve the life you do.

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“Those values and the things that we do, they are very aware of that.

“Yes, they’ve got a lovely playroom full of their stuff, their bedrooms, they’ve got a lovely environment.

“But their friends come to play and it’s nothing unusual. It’s just normal.

“When Arthur and Dorothy go to visit their friends in the village, you know, they know it’s different, but they don’t see it as being anything especially different.

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“It’s just different.”

Nihal joked: “It will be interesting when 16th and 21st birthdays come, everyone will be going to your place for those parties, aren’t they. I mean, 45 rooms!”

Dick laughed and said: “Yes, but the difference will be I’ll be there being as crusty and as grumpy as I am.

“So, they will probably be better off going to somebody else’s house because I am an old fart.”

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Angel then jumped in and revealed that Arthur and Dorothy share a “relatively small” room and the family all use one bathroom.

She said it would be like “moving to the next-door neighbour’s house” if everyone had their own rooms in the castle.

Dick stated that his children will get separate bedrooms when they get older, but for now they have fun and enjoy being close together.

Dick and Angel have been living at Chateau de la Motte Husson in Pays de la Loire, France, since 2015.

The 45-bedroom castle includes 12 acres of land and stood empty for 40 years until Dick and Angel purchased it for £280,000.

The chateau was run down with no electricity or water, until the DIY enthusiasts turned the place into an enviable home.

Fans have been able to follow their progress through Channel 4’s Escape to the Chateau, which has just concluded it’s eighth series.

Escape To The Chateau is available to watch on All4.

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