Loose Women: Lisa Riley reveals comments about her weight

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Actress Lisa Riley is perhaps one of televisions best-loved names, known for always wearing a smile. However, the star who is known for playing Mandy Dingle has overcome heartbreaking losses in the past.

I have such an amazing partner who loves and supports me.

Lisa Riley

The actress, who has recently signed for an extra year on ITV’s Emmerdale, has previously spoken about her heartbreak which saw her battle with alcohol.

Bury-born Lisa was left heartbroken when her beloved mum, Cath, sadly passed away after fighting breast cancer in 2012.

Lisa, 45, opened up in 2019 about her journey trying to become a mother with her partner, Al, who remains out of the public eye.

Now, the former You’ve Been Framed presenter has admitted that since joining Emmerdale again in 2019, her life has changed for the better.

Speaking to The Mirror, Lisa said: “I can’t abide negative people, everyone has ups and downs and it can be tough, but we always have so much to be grateful for.

“The reason I can say that is because I’ve gone through so much myself.”

She added: “I really struggled losing my mum and going through IVF but even at the end of it all I know how lucky I am.

“I have such an amazing partner who loves and supports me.”

Discussing her family life, Lisa explained: “I don’t have kids myself but my nieces and nephews are my world.

“I have a job I adore and have the most amazing friends and family.”

The actress opened up earlier this year about her struggles conceiving, admitting that she will not try again.

Speaking to Closer Magazine, she revealed that her partner “lost the girl he fell in love with” while they were going through rounds of IVF.

Lisa admits that while she is grateful to have landed a job such as Emmerdale, she often turns down other offers.

“I honestly still pinch myself that I get to play such an amazing character as Mandy,” she said.

The actress continued: “I can’t put into words how much I love it, I’ve just re-signed my contract and I have no plans to leave.

“It’s nice to know that I get loads of offers from other dramas but I am happy to say no at the moment because I am super, super happy.”

Lisa recently reflected on a tense storyline, which saw her character kiss fellow village resident, Jimmy King, who is married to Nicola. [can you include actor names please]

However, she insists that there will be no ongoing romantic storylines for Mandy and Jimmy.

Other than being best friends, [no],” Lisa said. “I think they’ve both gone through this turmoil after Paul’s death, Mandy didn’t really have anybody to turn to who completely understood, and Mandy being Mandy, her demeanour, she’s come across as flirting.

“She doesn’t want any turmoil to become between Nicola and Jimmy,” in fact she’s been the one trying to get their “relationship back”.

Emmerdale airs weekday evenings at 7pm on ITV.

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