The ‘American Horror Story’ actress, who stars alongside the Academy Award-winner in the new romcom ‘Maybe I Do’, shares in a new interview that one thing about her co-star keeps her up at night.

AceShowbizEmma Roberts was “almost best friends” with Diane Keaton. The “American Horror Story” actress, who stars alongside Academy Award-winner Diane in the new romcom “Maybe I Do“, reveals that her on-screen mother had written down her phone number for her while they were on set.

However, Emma said that she lost the piece of paper and joked that it “keeps her up at night.” Speaking on “The Late Late Show with James Corden“, the 31-year-old star said, “She is my queen and I love her and we DM sometimes. We were almost best friends in the whole wide world but I lost her phone number because she wrote it down for me on a piece of paper and gave it to me.”

She continued, “I treasured it so much that I put it in my pocket and it fell out. And I was too embarrassed to ask her for it again. I don’t know, maybe she thinks I just never texted her or maybe she wrote something else on the piece of paper. I don’t know, but it keeps me up at night! Diane?’ “

The former “Unfabulous” actress also stars alongside “Pretty Woman” actor Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon and William H. Macy in the new comedy about two sets of in-laws who are all having affairs with each other and her comments come just days after “Rocky Horror” star Susan explained that the whole cast had a “connection” with each other.

She said, “I mean, that’s why you do it, really, is because we all want connection. Not so much to be seen by an audience, but the feeling … I do anyway. The collaboration of having a tribe of people that are putting this together, and the connection that you have when you have a moment with somebody, for me, that’s extraordinary. So if you can find other actors that are prepared, so they’re not thrown if you do something a little bit different, that’s when it’s the most fun.”

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