The Duchess of Cornwall turns 75 years old in July. To celebrate the landmark birthday for the (cough) future Queen Consort, Camilla will get the cover of British Vogue. Her birthday is July 17, which means I kind of think she’ll appear on the cover of the August issue, just given the schedule for magazine releases. If they put her on the August cover, the August issue will likely be out on newsstands in early or mid-July. At first I thought this would just be an editorial within the magazine, but no. The Daily Mail reports that Camilla got the cover.

The Duchess of Cornwall will appear in a special edition of Vogue magazine this summer to mark her 75th birthday. Camilla’s photoshoot took place last week with a skeleton crew of magazine staff and palace aides, all sworn to secrecy.

An insider said the session had been agreed after several meetings between the Duchess and Edward Enninful, the British Vogue editor-in-chief. The source said: ‘Conversations have been ongoing for months so this has been in the pipeline for a long time. The timing has been carefully thought through and her 75th birthday felt like the appropriate time.’

Camilla, who turns 75 on July 17, is expected to feature on the front cover of the fashion bible, which has also conducted an interview with her. The high-profile exposure will be seen as a major step towards establishing the Duchess as a future Queen Consort in the public consciousness. The Queen, who has said that it is her ‘sincere wish’ that Camilla is known as such when Prince Charles ascends the throne, is thought to approve of the Vogue project.

Another source said: ‘It won’t just be in the magazine but obviously very prominently displayed on the website, so lots of people will see this.’

It is understood that the Duchess turned down the offer of flying in a team of celebrity stylists to help with the shoot.

Her participation will be seen as a show of support for Ghanaian-born Mr Enninful, who has championed diversity during his five years at the helm of the magazine. Last year, he took on the role of global ambassador for the Prince’s Trust, which was founded by Prince Charles in 1976. And last week, Mr Enninful hosted a gala event for the charity in New York, attended by supermodels Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, the Hadid sisters and Karlie Kloss.

[From The Daily Mail]

I know some people are mad at Enninful for cozying up to the royal family, but you get that it’s his job, right? He can’t just be ride-or-die for Meghan and no one else. He’s the editor-in-chief of British Vogue, of course he has to maintain good relationships with Camilla, Charles and everyone else. He’ll probably put Kate on the cover when she becomes Princess of Wales. As for this news… it’s fine with me, honestly. While I’m sure Camilla is a hateful person who set out to destroy Diana and other women… I also think it’s always a good thing to see an older woman on a magazine cover. Camilla isn’t Botoxed and tucked and filler’d either, which is nice to see. I wonder if she’ll wear all of her regalia and jewels, or whether this will have more casual styling.

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