As Albania celebrates its independence, Drake‘s coming in hot … metaphorically waving the flag, and showing all sorts of Albanian appreciation in the latest music video from his “For All The Dogs” album.

On Wednesday, the day after Albanian Independence Day, Drake dropped the visual for “Polar Opposites” … where he and the guys in the video are decked out in Albanian bomber jackets, depicting the nation’s colors.

He spends much of the video playing poker with his Albania crew on what appears to be a ship sitting on the Adriatic Sea.

Drake also showed off his geopolitical knowledge by mentioning Albania’s ongoing North Kosovo crisis with Serbia in the song’s lyrics — “Don’t know how they do things in Pristina/I just know the tension is increasing.”

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The new single is perfect for stat padding … Spotify announced its annual “Wrapped” today and Drake ranked #4 amongst global artists behind The Weeknd, Bad Bunny and Queen of Pop Taylor Swift.

But, what have they done for Albania?!?

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