The ‘Need to Know’ hitmaker is forced to defend herself against an online critic who complains about her ’embarrassing’ public rant and ‘constant negativity.’

AceShowbizDoja Cat isn’t here for people making negative comments about her. After one online user told her to “grow up” instead of ranting on social media, the “Planet Her” artist was quick to hit back at the “pathetic” hater.

The singer/femcee initially wrote on Twitter, “People r so f**king dumb istg it’s terrifying.” One of her followers then replied, “Can you please grow up lmao. All you do is come online and rant about stuff. never anything positive or being grateful. Just constant negativity, it’s so embarrassing and sad tbh.”

Catching wind of the comment, Doja shouted, “S**t the f**k up nerd nobody gives a f**k.” She went on to share a screenshot of her expletive tweets, which were seemingly blocked by Twitter. “Pathetic. find a new hobby you f**king ghoul. you’re obsessed with me you f**king dog find another hobby.”

Doja is no stranger to clapping back at trolls. In June, she used Siri to respond to a tweet body-shaming her that read, “Damn….remember when Doja Cat used to be thick with all dat a**, the good ol days.” In response, she typed on her laptop, “You wished I was thick ’cause you’d rather f**k me that has nothing to do with my health or my happiness. I don’t even look underweight.”

Doja later foun support from her fans. Among those defending the “You Right” singer wrote, “Leave bodies alone. She’s a good looking woman no matter what size she is.” Another fumed, “People just need to mind their BODY.”

A third added, “Y’all would talk ish if she was full figured, talk ish if she had a BBL & now y’all mad that she works out and has slimmer body. Ppl ALWAYS will have something negative to say.” Someone else chimed in, “When are y’all gonna learn to stop commenting on people’s weight loss or gain, y’all don’t what medical problems these celebrities could be dealing with.”

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