OK, we all know now that Bennifer is back. But so far Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have not officially confirmed what we’re all seeing.

However, if she’s trying to keep everything on the QT, the Booty singer may have slipped up on social media.

Fans noticed J.Lo had liked an Instagram post by her pal Jay Shetty. The life coach, on whose podcast Jen has appeared multiple times, posted a quote last week which read:

“Nothing is as beautiful as seeing someone who has been unlucky in relationships finally being loved effortlessly by the right person.”


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How inneresting. Someone “unlucky in relationships” being loved by “the right person”??

Now we know Inno Matijane was not referring to the Bennifer reconciliation with that tweet as he posted it last October. However, seeing J.Lo nodding along, we can’t help but read into it a bit.

Obviously she fits the “unlucky in relationships” description, having been in several high profile relationships that got really serious — but didn’t go the distance. As far as “finally being loved effortlessly by the right person”? Could she think that applies to her, too? Meaning her famous ex (and current) boyfriend Ben??

What’s even more telling about the like? She subsequently deleted it!

That’s right, she took it back. If it was totally meaningless, just agreeing with a general sentiment, why would she need to un-like it?? No, we’re going to have to guess she found the post all too relatable and clicked on instinct — and only later realized she was kinda sorta letting the cat out of the bag and thought better of it.

And if that’s the case, if she really does agree with the quote but related to her, she thinks Ben is the right personFinally?? That sounds pretty serious to us!

We will say, “effortlessly” isn’t the adverb we would use here. According to what we’ve heard, Affleck made a huge effort to woo her again, sending lovelorn letters, followed by doing everything he can to make a relationship that on paper is doomed — she lives in Miami, he lives in El Lay, they both have careers and kids — as easy for her as possible. An insider told E! News recently: 

“Ben has been making the effort to make it work with their schedules. He’s really making a huge effort. J.Lo thinks Ben has really stepped up and loves this version of him.”

That includes traveling to Miami for her.

What do YOU think, Perezcious relationship experts? Was J.Lo letting her heart do the clicking??

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