Danny Masterson speaks to Conan O'Brien in 2004

Danny Masterson’s lawyer has claimed the actor’s conviction of two counts of rape is ‘not supported by evidence’.

The That 70s Show main cast member was sentenced to 30 years to life on Thursday this week for raping two women, while the jury was hung on a third rape charge.

His lawyer Shawn Holley told the media after his hearing that “a team of the top appellate lawyers in the country has been reviewing the transcripts of the trial”.

“[They] have identified a number of significant evidentiary and constitutional issues which they will address in briefs to both state and federal appellate courts.”

Holley is adamant the legal fight still isn’t over despite Masterson’s conviction.

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Meanwhile, the actor is reportedly showing signs of “mental distress” and is receiving round-the-clock checks to ensure his wellbeing.

He is currently being held at the Los Angeles County Sheriff Men’s Central Jail and awaiting transfer to a California state prison, as of Friday, September 8.

His cell is apparently checked every half an hour by deputies “with the goal of keeping tabs on his mental state and making sure he’s safe,” TMZ reported.

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Sources in law enforcement told the publication that Masterson is also under 24-hour video surveillance.

If he does show signs of distress or tell his team or a deputy about a mental health issue, he’ll apparently be taken away immediately for a mental health exam.

However, Holley also told TMZ that Masterson is feeling mentally strong and confident the conviction will be overturned on appeal.

He’s been meeting with “several top appellate attorneys” to review the transcripts in the hope of getting a different result.

Masterson has already been kept in the LA County Men’s Central Jail for months while he awaited sentencing.

Other high-profile inmates over the years have included Suge Knight, OJ Simpson and Harvey Weinstein.

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