Gabriel Cannon is opening up about his big win on Claim to Fame season two!

The younger brother of entertainer Nick Cannon won the final challenge, then won the entire competition after it came down to him and “Monay,” aka Jerrica Brooks.

With Gabriel‘s win, he gets his own “Claim to Fame” to step out of his brother’s shadow, but he also won a pretty sweet prize of $100,000!

So, what does he plan on doing with all of that money?

See what he shared inside…

“Some type of community center for youth services, whether it’s anger management, whether it’s teaching them business management and development,” Gabriel told People about his plans. “We definitely want to reach back, build a bridge. Just want to do the same thing that ABC and Claim to Fame have done for me and shed light on other people.”

He also opened up about what was rewarding about being on the ABC competition.

“The best part of being on the show is giving glory to God. For me personally, it’s like, ‘I haven’t forgot about you,’” he added. “You have these dreams and you see your relative, y’all saw my brother make it and become famous and you think [you’re] next in this line. Then [at] times you feel like you’ve been skipped in this line. At times you feel like, ‘Man, OK, I know I got gifts and talents, but if I have to surrender it, I’m willing to do that.’”

“For me, it’s a confirmation to keep pushing, to never say quit, to never say die, to never let these dreams and ideas [go],” Gabriel said. “It wasn’t a long plan. It ain’t like we plotted with ABC and we knew this last year. It’s like, no, I got a phone call and my situation changed. That’s my message: be ready because a change will come.”

We can’t wait to see what’s next for Gabriel!

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