Is she or isn’t she?

Has she or hasn’t she?

Will she or won’t she?

This are all questions being asked about Christine Brown in the wake of Sunday’s stunning Sister Wives finale.

Is she really leaving Kody Brown or isn’t she?

Has she really moved back to Utah or does she have any plans to do so?

Will she really pull the plug on her marriage or is she all talk?

We can’t blame TLC viewers for wondering after Christine spent the bulk of this finale expressing her dissatisfaction with two key components of her life: her address and her marriage.

On Sunday evening’s new iinstallment, Christine made it clear she’s done with Flagstaff, Arizona,

“Family’s there, everybody has family in Utah. My dad’s there,” she said on air.

“I don’t know how long my dad’s going to be around. My mom’s there, sister’s there, Aspyn’s there, Mykelti’s there, Peyton’s there. Mariah and Audrey are moving there.

“It’s about living with the community again, living with like-minded people again.”

Christine brought these concerns to husband Kody and fellow spouses Meri, Janelle and Robyn… only to be shot down.

No one was else was open to a return to Utah.

Following the rejection, Christine went for a walk with Meri and dropped this bombshell:

“I can’t do marriage with Kody anymore. I don’t want to do it anymore.”

Whoa there, right?!?

Christine had previously admitted her relationship was rocky, but we never expected her to go this far..

Because the finale was filmed months ago, however, fans were left hanging from a cliff.

Has Christine really left Kody? Is she back in her native state and done with life in Arizona?

Not quite.

The Sun has confirmed that Christine has not yet budged.

She has not purchased any property in Utah and she’s still residing in the three-bedroom, three-bathroom Flagstaff home she bought in 2018 for $520,000.

It doesn’t sound as if she has any plans to make any changes any time soon, either.

Let’s consider what she told People Magazine in February, a long time after making her grand statement about the alleged end of her marriage on the aforementioned finale.

“For me as a person, I changed phenomenally, I think,” Christine said to this publication about how her relationships with husband Kody Brown and fellow sister wives Janelle, Meri and Robyn have been altered over the past decade.

“You’ve got to look at yourself a lot more when you have a mirror held up to you, ’cause you’re, you know, you see yourself.

“So, it’s just, that part of it, I think, has changed more than anything,” added the TLC star.

Have her feelings on Kody and their living situation changed as welll? Since the finale was filmed in 2020?

“Just like all relationships, there’s just been ups and downs,” she also told People in Februay.

“And it’s like, it’s the gift that keeps on giving, though, ’cause you film it, and then you could answer questions about it, and then you get to watch it, and then you get to do reruns on it, whatever, things like that.

“So you see yourself in a light.”

Saying her various relationships on the show are akin to a “roller coaster ride,” Christine concluded two months ago:

“I think as a person, I’ve changed more than anything.

“You know, rather than the relationships changing.

“There’s nothing like watching yourself on television to really show you your flaws and really show you things that you can work on and have those reality checks.”

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