Britney Spears’ attorney has formally requested for Jodi Montgomery to replace Jamie Spears as the conservator of the singer’s person.

In court documents filed on Tuesday and obtained by Variety, Britney Spears’ lawyer, Samuel Ingham, requested Jamie Spears’ resignation from the role.

“Petitioner has requested the resignation of the current conservator of her person, James P. Spears, who temporarily relinquished his powers effective as of September 9, 2019,” the filing reads. “The within petition requests his replacement by Jodi Pais Montgomery, who has acted as temporary conservator of her person since that date.”

The petition also notes that Britney Spears “expressly reserves the right to petition for termination of this conservatorship.”

Jamie Spears temporarily stepped down as the singer’s conservator of her person due to health reasons in September 2019, and has yet to resume the role. Jamie Spears still remains co-conservator of her estate along with Bessemer Trust Company, which was appointed as a co-conservator in November 2020.

If the request is granted, Montgomery would assume permanent conservatorship of Britney Spears’ person, which would give Montgomery control over the singer’s medical treatment. The role would also allow Montgomery to “restrict and limit visitors by any means,” prosecute restraining orders if necessary and appoint security guards and other caretakers.

In the filing, Ingham cites a 2014 order that says Britney Spears is incapable “to consent to any form of medical treatment” as one of the reasons Montgomery should take over as her permanent conservator.

Ingham first filed to have Jamie Spears removed from the conservatorship in August 2020. Jamie Spears has been the singer’s conservator since 2008.

The filing comes in the wake of the documentary “Framing Britney Spears,” which reignited public interest in Britney Spears’ conservatorship, with many fans and public figures calling to #FreeBritney.

The next court hearing regarding Britney Spears’ conservatorship will take place on April 27.

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