Bristol Palin has returned to social media — and she’s getting super candid in the process!

Sarah Palin‘s daughter has been super quiet on socials for about a year, but on Sunday, she decided to change all that. The 32-year-old was hosting an Instagram Q&A when she answered a fan, who was questioning why she’d been so inactive lately. The mom of three revealed health issues related to a boob job kept her away, writing:

“I’ve been pretty MIA for a year — I stopped taking my adderall Rx and had those two surgeries within the last year — I gained some weight and it definitely took a toll on my confidence. I honestly didn’t feel like posting anything. *I also just enjoy my privacy much more the older I get.*”

Oof, we can understand both of those reasons! Especially not feeling physically up to it!

The woman’s been through NINE breast reduction surgeries in her life – the last of which was in January. The Teen Mom alum recalled:

“I got a breast reduction when I was 19. The doctor in Alaska cut me clear across and it caused a ton of muscle damage, tissue damage, a ton of scar tissue. I think I’ve counted nine surgeries since then. I’ve had implants taken in, taken out, just a ton of stuff. In November I went in for a surgery that was probably not necessary. were just a little lopsided and I wanted to get smaller implants so I went in for that and it ended up being a huge surgery and she had to go back in January and do a complete revision. But a lot of cosmetic, breast type surgeries because of that botched breast reduction when I was 19.”

Jeez! That’s terrible! Her poor body needs rest!

As for why she ditched her ADHD meds, well, that’s a different story. She told another fan:

“I was always embarrassed being on them and when I read there was a huge shortage of adderall, it made me realize how many people were like sheep taking them. Tbh, it felt like they were a crutch and I don’t want crutches in my life so I stopped. They also make you super impatient and I don’t want to be an impatient mom.”

Sounds like she’s just trying to be the best momma and version of herself she can be — and sometimes social media isn’t great for that! Stepping away to avoid unwanted hate from fans was probably a smart idea while healing from the surgeries. Reactions?! Share them all (below)!

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