The biggest “tell” that King Charles and Queen Camilla’s big French tour flopped was the utter lack of post-tour buzz. It was that way after the coronation too – these are supposedly the monarchy’s biggest setpieces and they have zero shelf life. The coronation was a boring slog and people couldn’t wait to change the subject the second it was over. It was the same after the French tour – instead of a weekend full of glowing coverage, Buckingham Palace spent the days following the tour running around, briefing the Times, the Telegraph and the Sun about Prince Harry. The Mail didn’t get that memo and they’re still trying to put lipstick on this pig. The Mail’s Palace Confidential round-table had a big discussion about how Brigitte Macron is apparently a huge royalist and she loves reading gossip about the Windsors:

Brigitte Macron loves reading about the British Royal Family who are ‘huge sellers’ of celebrity magazines in France, experts have revealed. Madame Macron and her husband President Emmanuel Macron cosied up to the King and Queen on their recent state visit to France – with the two couples becoming fast friends. Camilla and Brigitte seemed particularly close, giggling together and helping each other out during the trip – which has been deemed a huge success for the monarchy.

Speaking to Palace Confidential, the Daily Mail’s Royal Editor Rebecca English explained that both the Macrons and the French public were charmed by Charles and Camilla.

‘It has definitely been viewed as a success by the Palace,’ she explained. ‘I’ve covered a lot of state visits over the years and I think it was definitely up there in terms of setting up things to happen and actually achieving it. There was a real warmth and welcome from President Macron and his wife, and from the crowds as well. You never know what you’re gonna get and the opportunities to mingle with the crowds were limited, as there have been big security issues in France. There were big cries of “Vive Le Roi” which is probably the first time in 100 years they’ve heard that in France. I would have thought [the French would] be too cool for it but far from it.’

‘One of the things I’ve learned from meeting some new friends on some of the French celeb mags is the Royal Family are big sellers for them. And apparently one of the big consumers is Madame Macron – she loves reading about the British Royal Family, particularly the Princess of Wales’.

[From The Daily Mail]

From what I’ve seen as a gossip blogger, the French tabloids are not as nasty and sadistic as the British tabloids, and the French/European tabloids tend to treat royals the same way they treat celebrities. Meaning, I doubt Brigitte Macron wants people to know that she’s reading the tabloids for celebrity gossip, nor do I believe that reading royal gossip means that she’s some big fan of the royals. Anyway, the British royalists just keep trying to convince themselves that their royalty is so big, important and newsworthy. While I do think a lot of people are paying attention to the Windsors, it’s the gossip equivalent of a hate-watch. Like, we’re watching a slow-motion train wreck. We’re watching the Titanic go down very slowly.

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