Kerry Katona showed off her three stone weight loss as she jetted off on holiday after slamming her ex-husband Brian McFadden in a scathing attack about his parenting skills.

While our source exclusively told OK! that Brian will be “fuming” over her remarks, Kerry, 42, has been enjoying a getaway with her fiancé Ryan Mahoney, and her children.

The escape couldn’t have come at a better time as Kerry’s comments that Brian was a “s**t dad” to their two daughters Lilly-Sue, now 20, and Molly, 22, have created a storm back home.

“Brian will be fuming,” our source claimed. “He cares what people think about him and this won’t have gone down well. Even though it [their divorce] happened a long time ago Kerry still has heartache over Brian. She didn’t marry and have kids with him to then break up in the way that they did."

They added, “She’s not bitter, she’s moved on, but she’s being honest about what she’s experienced.”

Kerry let rip at her ex on the On A Mission podcast, claiming she was left taking care of the kids when their four-year marriage came to a bitter end in 2006.

“I said ‘look if you don’t want me, you don’t love me, I don’t want your money, just give me half the money from the house that we sell and I’ll sign a piece of paper, just give me my kids’,” she told podcast host Ellie McKay. “I signed the piece of paper, I got the kids, and he f****d off to Australia.”

Going even further, she accused him of being a “s**t dad”, claiming it “really bothers the two girls, especially now because he is a great dad with Ruby [Brian’s two-year-old daughter with his fiancee Danielle Parkinson].”

Speaking to a newspaper last year, Brian acknowledged that being in Westlife meant he “had no time” for Molly and Lilly when they were little, saying, “‘We didn’t have Facetime or video calls back then so I missed so much of them, their first steps, their first words, I missed so much of that.”

Days after Kerry’s comments, Dublin-born Brian broke his silence by posting a set of snaps on his Instagram page wishing his “beautiful daughter” Molly a happy 22nd birthday, writing, “I’m so very proud of you. Your talents are inspiring. I Love you and enjoy your day and break before the misery of new term starts again.”

While Kerry, also mum to Heidi, 16, Max, 15, and nine year old DJ, is now loved-up with Ryan, Brian is engaged to PE teacher Danielle, following his 2015 divorce from Vogue Williams.

According to our source, Brian and Danielle have “a good relationship with Molly and Lilly”, but it doesn’t erase the past in Kerry’s eyes.

“Kerry’s overcome so much and is in a really good place,” they told us. “But she’s an open book and doesn’t hide from the truth.”

Brian has addressed being the subject of other people’s opinions before, saying his “life has been one giant Chinese whisper of untrue stories.” And Kerry’s latest comments won’t be well received given he once said “the only lie that really hurts is that I’m a bad father.”

Tina Wilson, a family and relationship expert and founder of the Wingman App, told us Kerry’s feelings towards Brian are understandable, despite her also being happy in her new relationship.

“Watching Brian play happy families with someone else can only remind her of the fact he wasn’t present with her children and remind her of the betrayal she experienced,” she told . “But this type of comparison will be detrimental to Kerry’s health and moods, as she’ll never get an answer that will satisfy her.”

Tina also said it’s normal for “new babies to create a sense of jealousy”, but they also offer a chance to heal and make new memories, particularly for older siblings like Molly and Lilly.

“Kerry’s comments coming so many years later isn’t uncommon as people can hold onto past relationship trauma, even if they’re in new relationships” she added. “But my advice would be to allow her children to form their own opinion of their dad and for her to move on with her life for her own wellbeing.”

Brian and Kerry started dating in 1999 as young pop stars in the limelight, and married in 2002. But their marriage was short-lived and they separated in 2004, with Kerry later accusing her ex of cheating on her with a stripper.

“I think after he first cheated on me on his stag do, the trust had just gone,” she shared recently.

In a previous column, Kerry commended couples who stay friends after divorce, saying she’d love to have been able to follow the likes of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, who remained firm friends for their kids’ sake. And this week she told readers she said she doesn’t want to cause “awkwardness” between her girls in the wake of her comments and their dad isn’t a vindictive person.

Kerry has made no secret of the fact she feels incredibly betrayed by Brian, particularly as he moved on with Australian singer Delta Goodrem before he and Kerry were officially divorced.

But despite all the turbulence, the I’m A Celeb winner has said she’s in the best place ever after accepting that other people’s opinion of her “don’t matter.”

“All that matters is what my kids think of me,” she said recently. “It took me a very very long time to love myself, and until I did that I was in a bit of a pity party. But I think you’ve just got to grow a pair, handle it, deal with it, and move on.”

Brian had no comment to make when approached by OK!.

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