Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper bradley cooper maestro premiere

Bradley Cooper conducted himself well during the premiere of his big Oscar-buzzy film this week — playing the role of both A-lister and Papa Bear … ’cause he brought his kid along.

The actor/director showed up dressed to the nines Tuesday night in L.A. for the L.A. debut of “Maestro,” the Netflix movie in which he stars … and for which he’s said to be up for an Academy Award in due time. Notably, his date wasn’t Gigi Hadid … rather, he brought 6-year-old Lea.

irina shayk and bradley cooper

Lea, of course, is his daughter that he shares with Irina Shayk … who wasn’t there either, BTW. She did show support online though — posting a sweet shout-out to both of them.

Anyway, Brad was on daddy duty — holding Lea’s hand and escorting her along the carpet.

Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper bradley cooper maestro premiere

Obviously, it made for a super sweet moment in front of cameras — but more importantly, it was a peek at BC’s life behind the scenes. He normally takes great care to shield Lea away from the spotlight, and prioritizes privacy — especially as it pertains to his family.

Last night, however, it seems he was ready to introduce her to the world … cute kid.

Another highlight from the premiere came in a cool reunion between Lady Gaga and Brad … who, of course, were in “A Star is Born” a few years back — which was an award darling at the time. She didn’t have anything to do with this latest flick … she was just supporting.

Considering their success the last time around, her presence might be a good luck charm.

Now, controversy aside, “Maestro” is said to be big-time Oscar bait … and seeing how Brad’s in front of and behind the camera for this one — he stands to walk away a major winner.

It’s in select theaters now, and hits Netflix on the 20th.

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