This week, the Internet is full of reminders about what a kind soul Bob Saget was.

As we’ve been reporting, the sitcom legend passed away on Sunday, and his friends, family, and fans have been paying tribute to him ever since. One such tribute came from Josh Gad, who shared the sweetest video message that Bob had once sent for his daughters.

The Frozen star captioned his Instagram post:

“A year ago, I shared with Bob that Full House was my girls’ favorite show on TV. It brought them so much joy during the darkness of the pandemic. Within minutes I received this video. I truly hope it brings you the same smile & joy it brought our family. Hard to watch through tears, but this was the essence of the selfless, genuine, beautiful, loving soul that was Bob Saget.”

In the clip, the comedian addresses the camera, saying:

“Hi Ava and Izzy, it’s Bob Saget here. Danny Tanner, right? I’m older than the guy you’re watching on the TV.”

The actor sent Ava and Izzy well wishes for “a very happy everything,” telling them:

“I just talked to your dad for the first time and … you’re just very fortunate. Of course, he loves you guys so much and he is just one of the sweetest people I have ever spoken to. So, congrats on having a great dad.”

He referenced his character’s obsession with cleanliness, joking:

“I hope you keep watching Full House, because I have become Danny Tanner. I use hand sanitizer all day long, literally, it’s always at my disposal. I have a cleaning rag that’s microfiber. I have become Danny Tanner.”

He concluded the video with a heartfelt message of “lots of love, take care, and love to your family.” Aww. What a special message to receive for a Full House fan! We appreciate Josh sharing it with the rest of us. Ch-ch-check out the full video (below):

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