No rock, but Ben Affleck was recently caught between a couple of REALLY hard places … doing his best to get his fancy car out and on its way in a hilariously relatable video.

Ben and his Mercedes-Benz were subject to a super tight squeeze Monday in Brentwood, CA … crammed between 2 other parked cars along a curb. You can see him smoking a cig with his Dunkin’ on the top of the car before working on his escape.

ben affleck stuck between 2 cars

We’ve all been there, and you gotta admit it’s pretty infuriating … and, as Ben goes back and forth in this spot, he hits the car up front a few times before pulling away — whoops.

As we reported, this isn’t the actor’s first bout of trouble behind the wheel … he and Jen were pulling into a Starbucks in West. L.A. last year as a sign got stuck in his back rim. Luckily, a couple of paps jumped in to save the day.

Ben’s son, Samuel also go into a fender bender last year — hopping into the driver’s seat of a Lambo and accidentally reversing it into a white BMW.

ben affleck stuck between 2 cars

The curse of the cars continues for Ben — sometimes ya gotta just walk!

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