I’ll follow CB’s lead and use she/they pronouns for Bella Ramsey, who is non-binary, but has no preference for pronouns. They do have some food preferences, though, and that’s what we are here to discuss. Specifically, her choice of cereal and orange juice. While playing The Last Time I… with costar Pedro Pascal for The Hollywood Reporter, she admitted her last meal was a bowl of cornflakes with orange juice. Bella, a vegan, explained that a while ago, there was no milk they could drink, so they’d used orange juice on their cereal, and have loved it ever since.

Bella Ramsey has dished about an unlikely breakfast combo.

In a January chat with The Hollywood Reporter, the Last of Us star — who was being interviewed alongside on- and off-screen pal Pedro Pascal — revealed that the last meal they had was cornflakes “with orange juice instead of milk,” adding, “It’s so good.”

“There once wasn’t milk that I could drink, there wasn’t oat milk or almond milk, so I just tried orange juice — years ago,” explained the actor, 19.

“And you loved it,” said Pascal, 48, before “proudly” sharing that his own last meal was toast.

“And I loved it!” Ramsey confirmed. “And it’s been a thing ever since.”

“How is it on your tummy?” Pascal asked sincerely, with Ramsey responding about the improvised meal, “Actually fine.”

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I’ve heard of eating cereal with orange juice before. I’ve not tried it, but it doesn’t automatically turn me off. Bella cited a cereal with strawberries in it and strawberries and orange juice taste good. I have a friend whose dad used to make pancakes with orange juice instead of milk as a special treat. She swore by them. So depending on the cereal, I’d at least try the orange juice thing. Although I understand Pedro’s question about how her stomach reacted with the juice, OJ can be acidic. Although there’s something about an adult like Pedro saying the word “tummy” that does turn me off. That’s not what we mean when we call you Daddy, dude.

The interview is quite sweet. It’s clear Bella and Pedro have as much of a bond offscreen as they do on. I am not a fan of zombie films/shows but was convinced by enough people to watch The Last of Us. It didn’t make me a fan of the genre any more than the rest, but the acting is good. I love Bella and Pedro. And even without trying it, I can tell you that I far prefer Bella’s OJ and cornflakes to anything they’ve eaten on the show.

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