Winter is here.

If you live in a cold climate, you’re well aware of this fact. And you’re probably tired of being cold. Luckily, today we’re presenting to you the Nordic Hygge Värme, an innovative portable heater with a detachable hand warmer that you can take anywhere. This compact heater (btw, compact, portable heaters have been shown to be very cost-effective) only takes three seconds to heat up and is ideal for relatively small spaces, like a home office. It heats up to a comfortable temperature to keep you feeling snug and toasty at all times. The temperature can be adjusted for perfect comfort, and it makes very little noise. It will turn off automatically after 4 hours to prevent any issues.

The detachable hand warmer keeps your hands warm outside for up to a whole hour. It works thanks to the Phase Changing Wax that captures heat and holds temperature around up to 122°F/55°C, and does so for up to an hour. It attached to the main vent via a magnet and can take a few minutes to heat up. You can use it again once it cools down. To use: Attach the hand warmer to Värme, turn the heater on, and wait a few minutes for the hand warmer’s temperature to go up. 

This Scandinavian design is simple and minimalistic, typical of Scandinavian styles, and will look attractive wherever you put it, matching the design of your interior and never sticking out like a sore thumb. A lot of heaters are bulky and unattractive, but the Nordic Hygge Värme looks cute and works like a charm. With its detachable hand warmer, it is truly a prize worth having.

Safety Concerns: All Värme heaters have an overheating fuse that automatically turns off the heater when the operating temperature exceeds the norm. The falling down LCE module turns Värme automatically off in case it falls down. Once the heater is placed in its correct position, it will operate again.

Make this heater yours and keep yourself in warm comfort for only $84.99 (Reg. $99), saving 14% off! Get one today and stay toasty all winter long. Another great gadget you should get is this disinfecting iPhone charger that keeps your phone free of germs! Definitely something we can all use these days.

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