Bad Bunny probably ain’t gonna be the face of Manscaped anytime soon — especially south of the equator — ’cause the dude’s letting the hedges run wild … just look for yourself.

The Latin rapper/pop star appears to be on vacation right now — or, at the very least, recently was — and he’s throwing up a crap ton of pictures on his Instagram story right now that’s documenting the trip, which appears to be somewhere quite scenic and outdoorsy.


Of all the photos he’s posting, one in particular has caught the Internet’s attention — it’s a nude selfie, which shows BB silhouetted … and which teases his junk toward the bottom.

His penis isn’t totally exposed, but the top of it most certainly is … a tease for the ages.

bad bunny

Yes, Twitter’s losing right now over his hot shot … but what’s also noticeable are his pubes — which are robust and aplenty. In other words, he’s rocking a very vintage look. BTW, the way people know this is because his original photo has been brightened — including by us — so we can all get a peek at the goods. Dude isn’t shy about it … take a gander!

What also stands out is that Bad Bunny is looking yolked these days — he threw up some other shots of himself shirtless and in the gym … and yeah, homeboy’s putting in work.

Again, we don’t know when this was all taken — despite it being posted Sunday — ’cause there’s a clip in there that appears to feature Kendall Jenner … and BB calling her “mami.”

We know KJ’s been in Mexico lately, and she was just in L.A. last night. In any case, they’re going strong — and you gotta imagine she likes what he brings to the table, bush and all.🌳

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