Avril Lavigne and Tyga aren’t gallivanting around Paris to grab headlines … they’re actually interested in dating and getting to know each other without pressure or expectations.

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ … Avril and Tyga are still in the early stages of figuring one another out, but they’re not putting any labels — ala girlfriend/boyfriend — on anything just yet.

avril lavigne and tyga

There’s been speculation the two are only hanging out as a publicity stunt in order to generate some buzz around a possible music collab. Our sources say that’s not true, and the two don’t have any music in the works — they’re just really enjoying hanging out.

avril lavigne and tyga

It’s easy to tell they’re more than enjoying each other’s company — packing on the PDA during a recent trip to Paris, including a make out sesh at a fashion week party and strolling hand-in-hand through the streets.

mod sun avril lavigne

TMZ broke the story, Avril called off her engagement to Mod Sun only a few weeks ago, after our Avril sources told us the whole thing had been unraveling for a few months.

mod sun instagram

Mod Sun was surprised by the news, but has powered through his concert tour to promote his “God Save The Teen” album … a project with several songs dedicated to Lavigne herself.

Still unclear just how far Tyga and Avril will take things, but if these first few weeks are any indication — remember the embrace at NOBU — there’s sure to be some hot times ahead.

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