Anthony Mackie, star of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is setting the world by storm with the much-loved Marvel show. While starring roles in streaming service original series used to be a much less desirable role, Disney+ has quickly changed that idea with major stars flocking to the streaming network. Shows like The Mandalorian and WandaVision have quickly shown that the service isn’t joking around with its original content.

With this latest installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Mackie’s character Sam Wilson will be center stage along with Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes. Wilson has always been a supporting role in past Marvel Cinematic Universe appearances, and many fans are eager to get to know him a little better.

Anthony Mackie got his start in New Orleans

Born in New Orleans in 1978, Mackie was the son of a carpenter but knew from an early age he wanted to be an actor. He attended the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts in high school, and would later go on to Julliard’s drama program. His career began in 2000 on stage, but he would soon appear in 2002’s 8 Mile, which would expose him to a much larger audience. 

Mackie has been incredibly prolific in his two-decade career. He’s appeared in numerous plays, TV shows, and movies. Often heard saying he prefers supporting roles because they give him more freedom to act, his diversity of roles is staggering. Playing a compelling version of characters ranging from Martin Luther King Jr to Tupac Shakur, and now to a superhero makes him a force to be reckoned with in the film world. Many fans are thrilled to finally see him committed in a longer-term, starring role rather than supporting.

The Marvel star has diverse interests

Though he trained as an actor from an early age, Mackie still stays in touch with his working-class New Orleans roots. He likes to work with his hands and isn’t shy to do repairs or renovations around the house. Having learned from his father, he is an avid carpenter, and regularly designs and makes his own furniture.

He is known on movie sets to often bring fishing gear and set up a grill outside his trailer, ready to catch dinner between takes. While this may seem a little quirky for production staff for a star as big as Mackie, as an avid cook he ensures that fresh fish to share will alleviate any concerns coworkers have.

Anthony Mackie’s dream outside of the MCU

Mackie has had a long and diverse career on stage and screen, but he has even more ambition for range beyond what he’s proven so far. In a March 2021 interview with First We Feast on YouTube, he talked about loving HGTV.

When asked about whether he’d like to do a show on the network he responded: “I would love to do one, that would be fun as hell.”

For Mackie, it doesn’t stop there, it seems he’d like to bring the range he brings to film to his dream show, saying: “I’ve always wanted to do a like a cooking show, and a home improvement show, and a wellness show and put them all together…”

The actor has a storied career that spans decades. He has repeatedly brought hard-hitting, amazing performances in a staggering range of roles over the years. With further exploration of one of his most popular characters promised by The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, fans can’t wait to see more of Mackie front and center as The Falcon, Sam Wilson.

Who knows where Mackie’s career will take him over the years, but if where it has taken him so far is any indication, then absolutely anything is possible.

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