People who follow Angelina Jolie’s comings and goings know that her youngest daughter Vivienne seems to be a theater geek. Vivi was a HUGE fan of Dear Evan Hansen, so much so that Angelina had to take that kid to at least a dozen performances, all around the country. There have always been random reports of Angelina taking some or all of her kids to see plays and musicals, and it seems like her kids have revitalized her interest in live theater. So much so that Angelina is going to become a Broadway producer!!!

Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie has signed on as a lead producer of the Broadway-bound musical adaptation of The Outsiders, the producing team announced today.

Based on the 1967 novel by S.E. Hinton and the 1983 film adaptation by Francis Ford Coppola, The Outsiders musical had its world premiere engagement at La Jolla Playhouse earlier this year. Details about the Broadway production, including opening date and casting, are expected to be announced soon. The musical will be directed by Danya Taymor, who directed Broadway’s Pass Over in 2021.

“I feel very fortunate to be a part of this special production,” Jolie said in a statement. “I studied at the Lee Strasberg Institute where I realized my first love, as a performer, was the theatre. I had not found a way back until now. I hope to be able to contribute while continuing to learn from this amazing team, who I have been working with since my daughter brought me to see the show at La Jolla Playhouse. I can’t begin to express how excited I am for this musical to make its Broadway debut and look forward to sharing this new adaptation of The Outsiders with the world.”

Jolie joins a producing team that includes The Araca Group, American Zoetrope, Olympus Theatricals and Sue Gilad & Larry Rogowsky. The Outsiders features a book by Adam Rapp with Justin Levine, music and lyrics by Jamestown Revival (Jonathan Clay & Zach Chance) and Justin Levine, music supervision, arrangements & orchestrations by Justin Levine, choreography by Rick Kuperman & Jeff Kuperman.

The Araca Group’s Matthew Rego said in a statement, “We are so thrilled Angelina has joined us as a lead producer on this journey to bring The Outsiders to Broadway. Her remarkable career as a storyteller makes her a perfect partner for this project. We are so grateful for the invaluable insight, experience and commitment that Angelina brings to the development of this new musical.”

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“…While continuing to learn from this amazing team, who I have been working with since my daughter brought me to see the show at La Jolla Playhouse.” Vivienne. Mark my words. I bet you $10 that Vivienne keeps up with all of the plays happening in LA (and around the country) and she updates her mom on what they need to see. Anyway, The Outsiders is a great book and I’m curious about how it translates to the stage. Honestly, though, I haven’t seen the movie or read the book in decades, so I’m not the one to ask. I’m sure Angelina was impressed, impressed enough to invest and lend her name as a producer.

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