Amelia Hamlin doesn’t know what to think after discovering her parents relaxing together while completely naked in their hot tub!

The 20-year-old model took to her Instagram Stories on Saturday afternoon to voice her, umm, displeasure with having caught momma Lisa Rinna and pop Harry Hamlin forgoing their clothes for a naked romp in the warm water. Of course, has the young model not considered that this could be payback for a certain someone very publicly dating a certain older someone, much to her parents’ chagrin…

Just saying! LOLz!

Things got tough for Delilah Hamlin‘s well-meaning little sister when she happened upon the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and her hot actor husband totally in the buff while chillin’ out in the hot tub.

Shocked but also low-key inspired by the duo, Amelia perfectly reflected her conflicting opinions on the matter with this HIGHlarious IG Stories recount of what happened:


It’s cute, Amelia! It’s definitely cute! They look like they are having lots of fun relaxing and enjoying the day go by… Like, it is so sweet that this venerable married couple would go skinny-dipping together in the hot tub! Anything to keep the spice going in the marriage, and in life, right?! We can’t all be dating famous reality TV stars, after all…

Oh, by the way: Amelia was far from the only one to commemorate the special hot tub time! Also over the weekend, the RHOBH veteran herself posted a sweet and sassy pic showing off the ever-hunky Harry from her POV:

A post shared by L I S A R I N N A (@lisarinna)

Obviously, Lisa is wearing a top in that snap, so we can’t go quite as crazy over anybody being in their birthday suit… But still! Perhaps the young Hamlin daughters could learn a thing or two about keeping up a sexy, fun relationship from mom and dad, who clearly have still got it!

Of course, everything Amelia does lately is underneath a microscope as fans and followers track her love life and good times with legendary playboy Scott Disick. And we already know how Lisa and Harry feel about that whole crazy infamy aspect to their youngest daughter’s new relationship, which has dominated headlines for the last few months.

So perhaps it’s only fair that mom and dad get to needle their kid a little bit in whatever way they can — in this case, in their birthday suits — as payback for causing so much Flip It Like Disick stress.

Just saying!!!

What do U make of all this, Perezcious readers?! Sound OFF with your take on Amelia, Scott, Lisa, and Harry down in the comments (below)!

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