When Britney Spears brought an end to her conservatorship after years of legal wrangling, she inspired millions of fans to never give up hope.

And it seems that one fellow celeb who was inspired by Britney’s battle is already turning that motivation into action.

As we reported last month, Amanda Bynes has filed to end her conservatorship.

The former Nickelodeon star has been under the court-ordered control of her since August of 2013, following a string of errativ behavior that raised concerns about the actress’ mental health.

The precipitating event was a bizarre incident in which Bynes set her neighbors’ driveway on fire, soaking her own dog in gasoline in the process.

Obviously, there was real cause for concern at one point, but Amanda and her lawyers say that her condition has improved considerably in the years that since.

“Amanda wishes to terminate her conservatorship,” attorney David A. Esquibias.

“She believes her condition is improved and protection of the court is no longer necessary.”

Interestingly, the move comes just months after Bynes’ conservatorship was extended at a hearing attended by the 35-year-old and her family.

Esquibias said at the time that Bynes was “doing really well, besides anxiety and trauma” that she was still experiencing.

“A status report regarding her health and welfare was filed and approved by the court,” Esquibias told People magazine at the time.

“By law, the next status report is due in two years.”

It was widely assumed that the issue of Amanda’s conservatorship would not be waised again until 2023.

So last month’s sudden filing came as a surprise, and many have arrived at the conclusion that Bynes was inspired by the success of the #FreeBritney movement.

Often, proceedings such as these unfold rather slowly, but in her latest Instagram post Amanda informed fans that she’ll be back in court much sooner than expected.

“What’s up, Instagram? Amanda Bynes here. My court date is coming up in two weeks,” she said in a video posted to the site on Monday.

“I want to thank you all so much for your love and support. Peace out.”

This is the first time that Bynes has addressed her conservatorship publicly since 2020.

“Thank you guys so much for hearing me out. I’m sorry that this is what I’ve been dealing with and I’m sorry to put my problems out on the internet, but this is what life has come to,” she said on Instagram Live at that time.

“So, thank you guys so much for supporting me, love you all, peace out, appreciate your love and support.”

Amanda’s parents have not yet to address the upcoming court battle against her daughter, but it seems that they do not agree with her assessment that she’s capable of properly caring for herself.

Bynes’ mother and father could have complied with her request to end the conservatorship without a hearing and the fact that they did not do so speaks volumes. 

We just hope the situation doesn’t get as ugly as Britney’s battle against her parents.

We’ll have further updates on this developing situation as more information becomes available.

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