Whoa. Did Alice Evans go too far?

The Vampire Diaries alum has been updating fans for over a year on her shocking split from Titanic actor Ioan Gruffudd. As shocking to her as it was to anyone else, as she said he suddenly left her and their daughters after returning home after months of filming his TV show in Australia.

And of course the public vitriol got about a million times worse when he went public with his new girlfriend, an aspiring actress named Bianca Wallace, who apparently had a recurring featured extra role on the show. Oh, she’s 20 years younger, too. Naturally.

Alice has accused the two of them of having an affair behind her back for months, possibly even years — leading to him leaving the family without warning. She’s also said since he decided to jet he’s made zero effort to co-parent and little to parent at all.

So this week Alice posted a (since deleted) mini Instagram rant in which she once again flung accusations against her ex and his new lady love. Posting a few barely legible messages from Twitter, she wrote:

“This is the type of thing I get on ‘loser’ websites every day, instigated by My husbands girlfriend and her crew.”

Instigated how? Alice has already deleted her official Twitter account, but apparently she’s still checking once in a while — because she’s convinced Bianca is secretly stoking the hate against her:

“I almost never go there, but occasionally gossip becomes truth and I look to find who started it. Here’s the thing. These guys will never change the public perception of me because I have been around for so long and been so kind to so many.”

Here’s where it gets rough. Alice firmly believes she’s tracked down Bianca’s sock puppet Twitter account, someone called Tamika who is sending her awful things. She wrote:

“However it’s telling that the woman with whom my husband has led a double life for 2 to 3 years is so nervous and vindictive. ( ‘Tamika’ on twitter is Bianca. Read some of the horrific things ( eg you’re just jealous cos you’re sat there on your own with your kids doing watching cartoons and your husband is 7 inches inside me’).”

Whoa. That message is truly cartoonishly evil, the type of thing someone in a Lifetime movie might say. But is it really Bianca?! We mean, posting under a fake name to try to gaslight your boyfriend’s ex, it’s something only a truly unhinged person would do. Well, Alice thinks that’s right on the money! She wrote:

“I think Bianca Wallace is a psychopath who has a kinetic ability to make rich or famous people fall in love with her.”

Not entirely sure what all of that means… But calling the woman a psychopath, that’s clear enough. And pretty darn inflammatory — enough so even that Bianca finally responded!

The 29-year-old hit back on her IG Stories:

“I do not have fake Twitter accounts. I have never tweeted or engaged with people using a fake Twitter account. I give permission to Twitter to provide information on my Twitter usage. This is the same for all social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter. I do not have any other social media or website accounts.”

She added, more pointedly jabbing at Alice:

“I don’t have the time, energy, or good health to behave in such a toxic way on social media. I use these platforms only for positive purposes and it will remain that way.”

That mention of not having “good health” is a reference to the fact she revealed earlier this month that she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis three years ago. That’s quite a thing to throw in Alice’s face.

Of course, the momma of two wasn’t just after Bianca’s social media habits. She also accused Ioan of removing the pics with his children from his IG feed — she believes, at Bianca’s behest:

“So why was she so jealous? Why did he have to wipe his kids if his entire Instagram? If I met a guy who wanted me to get rid of the photos of my kids that would be my sign to call for a taxi…”

We know she’s hurting, and we sympathize with how it does appear “Mr. Fantastic” thew her away for a younger woman. But the accusations of fake social media accounts just feel a bit far-fetched to us. There’s SO many trolls out there!

Whattaya think, Perezcious readers? Have YOU ever had an ex’s new girl pull anything this diabolical??

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