Aaron Rodgers is FINALLY opening up about his issues with the Packers … saying all of the drama this offseason was simply because he wanted more power in the org.

Rodgers broke it all down Wednesday in a lengthy meeting with reporters … explaining he felt he earned the right to have more say with team decisions, but claimed Packers execs saw it differently.

The 37-year-old says back in February, he approached management about having more input in personnel decisions, free agency recruiting and even picking players in the draft.

Rodgers says he also sought more security with his contract … hoping to avoid becoming a “lame-duck quarterback” in 2021.

The league’s MVP, though, told media members the Packers just didn’t give him what he wanted … and that’s when all the drama started.

Rodgers said at one point during his time away from the team as the beef stewed … he actually contemplated retirement.

Aaron and the Packers clearly reached some sort of agreement over the last few weeks, however, and the QB told reporters Wednesday he was happy to be back playing for Green Bay this season.

But, Rodgers made it clear there’s no guarantee he’ll be under center for the Pack in 2022 … saying it’s all a wait-and-see game.

Check out Rodgers’ full interview with media members below … it sure sounds like this will be the last ride for the QB in Green Bay.

As for Wednesday’s workout, Rodgers looked great in his first practice back with the team … heaving passes and running drills without issue.

Regular season kicks off in September … time to get the #12 cheeseheads ready, even if it’s only for one more season!

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