Aaron Rodgers says the secret to his recent NFL dominance is a psychedelic experience in South America … claiming the ayahuasca plant helped him improve his mental health and have the “best season of my career.”

Ayahuasca — which contains DMT — has been used socially and medically for centuries … and some consumers credit the plant brew for spiritual healing.

The Super Bowl champ says it’s not a “coincidence” he returned from South America and won his next two MVP awards in 2020 and 2021 … and is speaking out to change the negative stereotypes around using ayahuasca.

“I think there’s so many myths and rumors about it,” Rodgers said on the “Aubrey Marcus Podcast.”

“The fear around it is, you’re going to s*** yourself, it’s just a big throw-up fest … but the negative framework of it is that is the experience, not the deep and meaningful and crazy mind-expanding possibilities and also deep self-love and healing that can happen on the other side.”

Rodgers says his intention for the first experience was to find out what pure love feels like … and it worked.

“I had a magical experience with the sensation of feeling a hundred different hands on my body imparting a blessing of love and forgiveness for myself and gratitude for this life from what seemed to be my ancestors,” he added.

38-year-old Rodgers says a previous experience with mushrooms led him to try ayahuasca … and because he did, he has a new perspective on life.

“To be way more free at work, as a leader, as a teammate, as a friend, as a lover. I really feel like that experience paved the way for me to have the best season of my career.”

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