The ‘TROLLZ’ rapper could not perform at the big show at the Rochester Main Street Armory because he was arrested on federal racketeering and firearm charges.

AceShowbiz -Tekashi69 a.k.a 6ix9ine has found himself being entangled in new legal trouble yet again. Nearly one week after he was slapped with a defamation lawsuit by a Japanese tattoo artist, the “TROLLZ” rapper is now sued for $70,000 over a cancelled concert in 2018.

Suing the 25-year-old hip-hop star was a concert promoter named Sheldon English and his company RMG Promotions, according to Radar. RMG stated in its filing that it booked the MC to perform a concert at the Rochester Main Street Armory in November 2018. The promoter even contacted his local booking agency Shomari Mitchell and her company International Artist Association.

RMG then agreed to pay 6ix9ine $110,000 for the gig and they paid a $70,000 deposit to the International Artist Association. The promoter claimed the remaining $40,000 would be paid on the day of the concert.

Once the payment was made, 6ix9ine allegedly wanted to move the date of the show from November 13, 2018, to December 8, 2018, which was agreed by the promoter. However, on November 13, the company found out that the rhymer had been taken into federal custody on charges of racketeering and firearms.

Upon hearing the news, the promoter tried to contact 6ix9ine’s team. Unfortunately, the promoter didn’t receive any response and 6ix9ine couldn’t make it to perform at the show since he was still behind bars. Neither 6ix9ine nor his team returned the $70,000 deposit. The promoter is now demanding the refund and unspecified damages.

The report arrived just days after tattoo artist Takashi Matsuba filed a defamation lawsuit against 6ix9ine. Takashi claimed the “GOOBA” spitter brought his name in his documentaries and called him a “heroin addict.”

In 6ix9ine’s Hulu documentary “69: The Saga of Danny Hernandez“, the artist’s name indeed popped up on the screen. There’s also a narration that read, “Peter’s roommate, a Japanese tattoo artist named Takashi, would inspire Danny’s new persona, Tekashi69.”

In his March documentary called “Supervillain: The Making of Tekashi 6ix9ine“, meanwhile, the Brooklyn native said, “There was this tattoo artist named Takashi from our neighborhood. And he was this heroin addict. He did heroin to create. He did it to get himself in his little world. He did it to be himself.” He then confessed, “And that’s where I got the name Tekashi from. And that’s who I am.”

Takashi denied that he is a heroin addict. He is now asking a court to give an order to the producers to remove his name, pictures and likeness from the documentary.

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