With 2020 over at last, it's time to look back at some of the biggest TV deaths of the year.

With fewer shows on the air, and many not getting to film proper season finales, there were also fewer deaths than the years before.

But that doesn't make the final scenes for these men and women any less heartbreaking.

May they all rest in peace. Well, most of them anyway…

1.Lagertha – Vikings

2.Cody – Big Sky

3.Mary (Gamma) – The Walking Dead

4.Kenny – Killing Eve

5.Bonnie – How to Get Away With Murder

6.Justin – 13 Reasons Why

7.Bellamy – The 100

8.Diyoza – The 100

9.Castiel – Supernatural

10.Dean – Supernatural

11.Dani – The Haunting of Bly Manor

12.Gabriel on The 100

13.Kai on Legacies

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