Karolina Czajkowska, from Inowroclaw, Poland, is a real-life Rapunzel with hair now longer than her body.

The 30-year-old has always had long hair, with it falling below her waist as a teen.

But at 19, she decided to cut 30cm off – a move that upset her family.

As a result, her mother and grandmother asked her never to cut it again – and since then she’s only trimmed her hair to keep it in good condition.

Now Karolina’s locks measure a staggering 5ft 9 inches – which is longer than her 5ft 5 stature.

Naturally, such a head of hair comes with considerable upkeep.

Karolina explains: ‘I always wear a braid to sleep.

‘As for washing my hair, it depends on how much time I have. Sometimes it’s a mask, washing, and finally a conditioner. Sometimes just a wash and conditioner. Sometimes I will add oil to the mask before washing.

‘If possible, I let them dry on their own. If I need to dry, I use cold or medium temperature air.’

The online seller puts her healthy hair down to good genes – but adds that having longer locks does have some disadvantages.

‘I’ve stepped on my hair many times,’ she explains.

‘Sometimes my friends sat on my hair by accident.

‘It hurt the most and pulled the most hair out when I ran a chair on wheels over my hair at work.

‘Now I often wear my hair in a bun, also don’t tangle as much when in a bun.’

Karolina adds that not everyone is a fan of her lengthy locks.

‘I’ve heard people say it’s boring, ugly, and impractical,’ she adds.

‘I think that people’s tastes are different and not everyone has to like the same thing, so I don’t care about these comments.

‘I like my hair and I feel good with long hair.’

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