I often find myself falling into a rigid makeup routine, which, while simplifying my mornings, can get a little boring. There’s a little less excitement when you know exactly what products you’re going to use to create almost the exact same look as you did yesterday. However, if you’re looking to change up how you do your makeup, one of the most creative, bold brands out there is hitting a major beauty retailer. Danessa Myricks Beauty is coming to Sephora stores across the nation. The launch is starting on Feb. 26, with nine of Myricks’ products hitting Sephora’s shelves.

“As a self-taught artist with limited resources, I had to get creative with the products I had access to," Myricks said on her brand’s website. "Over the years I learned how to create stunning looks while using products in unconventional ways." That’s why the makeup artist has centered her brand around creating products that can be used in a multitude of ways for all parts of your face. For example, one of the brand’s most popular products — the Colorfix 24-Hour Cream Color ($18, Danessa Myricks Beauty) — is a smudge- and water-proof product that provides standout pigment on eyelids, cheeks, and lips.

This partnership has been in the works for a long time. The beauty retailer has, reportedly, been following Myricks’ career since the beginning, but this official partnership finally began coming together over a year ago. After so long, I think it goes without saying loyal Danessa Myricks fans and potential new ones alike can’t wait to pick up some of these amazing products at a beauty retailer they know and love. For a sneak peek at all the Danessa Myricks Beauty products arriving at Sephora, you can get all the details below.

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I already gave you the scoop on this product, but the long-lasting cream color is one of the items I’m most excited about. It’s available in so many bright colors that you can wear alone, mix together, or use as a colorful base for other powder products. There are matte, metallic, and nude options, too. The formula dries quickly and will even last through the hottest days of summer.

According to Myricks’ website you only need one drop of the silky Vision Cream Color ($28, Danessa Myricks Beauty) concealer-foundation combo to get full coverage. Its formula includes good-for-your-skin ingredients like vitamin E and 100% plant-derived squalene. Although, one of my favorite parts is that it’s finger-friendly for those days you just want to slap on some foundation and rush out the door.

Whether you call it glassy, dolphin, or just luminescent skin, the Dew Balm and Body Oil ($22, Danessa Myricks Beauty) may be two of the easiest ways to achieve the trendy look. They give your skin that coveted high-shine finish, nourishing it in the process to help your skin maintain a healthy glow, even when you go makeup-free.

If the vibrancy of the color cream was a bit too much for you, the Vision Flush ($20, Danessa Myricks’ Beauty) may be more up your alley. It has a more sheer, satin finish that will give your eyes, lips, or cheeks a soft hint of color.

The Illuminating Veil ($22, Danessa Myricks Beauty) is a water-based highlighter you can use to give yourself extra radiance in a bunch of different ways. You can go with a simple swipe on the tops of your cheekbones to get the classic highlighter look; add it to your foundation to give your entire face a glow; or mix it with lotion for body luminescence.

As someone who’s arm easily gets tired blending all my makeup together, the Power Bronzer ($26, Danessa Myricks Beauty) speaks to me. It naturally sculpts and defines your face’s existing contours. This bronzer is a must-have for those days when your skin feels dull and you need that extra touch of warmth on your cheeks.

One of Myricks’ beauty hacks is to sweep a bit of her Evolution Powder ($24, Danessa Myricks Beauty) onto any of your oilier spots before applying your foundation for some shine control. The setting powder comes in translucent and tinted shades for a personalized finished.

Why pick one highlighter when you can layer six if you really wanted to? Light Work Palette I ($42, Danessa Myricks Beauty) is infused with micro light particles to make your skin glitter more than you ever thought possible.

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