Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is on a training tear—even considering his own outsized standards.

As the actor preps for his role in the upcoming DC superhero movie Black Adam, he has given fans an inside look about the details of his rigorous strength and conditioning regimen. He started off slow, just sharing that his focus on his physique for the role had begun all the way back in January 2020—but he’s pushed that training into overdrive now that more time has passed and the movie is finally projected to start shooting next month, which the actor confirmed in the post’s caption.

Over the past few weeks, Johnson has shared info about his six-day training split. Every day begins with cardio on an empty stomach, then he chases that with a weight room session later in the day (or night) focused on two muscle groups. Mondays are back and biceps-focused, using supersets to ramp up the volume. Thursdays are also dedicated to the back and bis—but Johnson pumps his muscles into overdrive using protocols like tri-sets and giant sets, so he can cut down on his rest periods as efficiently as possible. On Fridays, Johnson hits the chest and triceps, using giant sets for both muscle groups to include movements like flys and presses for the chest and exercises to hit all three heads of the triceps muscle.

Johnson posted his latest video detailing his training late on Thursday, but he mentioned that it’s his “midweek” workout. If you’re keeping track of the whole program at home, let’s slot this in as his Wednesday session, focused on the shoulders.


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“This particular workout for shoulders is designed to maximize the blood volume right out of the gate,” he says, “and also make sure that the rep range is still in a place where we’re still fine-tuning all the etching and all the detail of the muscle, keeping its hardness, but also making that with the strict diet we’re keeping its fullness.”

That’s not as detailed as his explanations of previous days. Having followed his training, however, we can assume that he’s working with high reps, potentially using methods like supersets or drop sets to achieve that volume he mentioned. He’s also shown off front raises using a EZ curl bar, too.

Now that we know how he attacks his shoulders, there’s just one big muscle group left for the big man to reveal: legs. We know he pushes his lower body hard—so it will only be a matter of him sharing just how much work goes in to building his wheels.

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