Sometimes the smell of you is the sexiest kind of scent you can go for.

Fragrances with powerful sillage – which is how long and far the notes linger in the air after you’ve left a room – have a time and a place.

Usually these kind of scents are associated with going somewhere, be it the office or a meal out. Being in lockdown has removed lots of those options. So, we want something subtler.

Like a ‘your lips but better’ lipstick, there are fragrances out there that promise the same effect – to enhance and work with your natural skin scent and chemistry, rather than changing it entirely.

These scents are usually subtle and teeter between being slightly woody, fresh or soapy. Just like clean and sensual skin.

They tend to have less complicated sets of notes too, only containing a few to bring out a fragrance that’s unique to you.

If you’re curious, read on for our top ‘your skin but better’ fragrances:

Escentric Molecules Molecule 01

Buy it for £72 from Cult Beauty.

This unisex fragrance is the first one that will come to the mind of most beauty experts when asked about unique-to-you scents.

At time time of it’s launch in 2006 it was considered ground-breaking and offered something truly different to what was on the market. 15 years later and its popularity has endured.

It’s based around one single note that’s designed to work with your pheromones so that it smells slightly different on everyone.

You might not notice it too much on yourself as it melds with your skin scent, but others around you likely will.

If you’re intrigued but don’t want to commit to a 100ml bottle, there’s a travel size available too.

Glossier You

Get it for £45 from Glossier.

Glossier describe this as ‘soft, warm, familiar’ – it’s basically the cosy sweater of the fragrance world.

Again it’s one of those scents that seems to attract compliments from others as you almost forget you’re wearing it.

The notes are pink pepper, ambrox and iris. This combination leaves a fresh, bright and clean smell (with a subtle floral layer that fades down).

Juliette Has A Gun Not a Perfume

Get it for £85 from Selfridges.

Not A Perfume is made up of two notes: cetalox and musk. Cetalox is more commonly known as ambroxide and it gives a gentle woody smell.

It’s a synthetic amber that’s used both in perfumes and laundry detergent to enhance the warmth of a scent.

Upon spraying, it works with the natural chemicals in your skin so that it smells individual.

Philosophy Pure Grace

Get it for £35 from Lookfantastic.

This simple and clean scent will smell like you when you’ve just come out the shower.

It contains bergamot, musk and lavender, which instigates feelings of calm given that lavender is often used in night-time relaxation products.

It doesn’t last too long on the skin, so will suit those after the subtlest of fragrances.

Maison Margiela Replica Lazy Sunday Morning

Get it for £48 from SpaceNK.

This fragrance stays close to the skin so is ‘intimate’ in that the smell won’t travel far beyond your person.

It starts off crisp but then mellows out due to the notes of aldehydes, white musk and lily of the valley. There is some sweetness too due to floral notes like rose.

Overall, it’s comforting and easy to wear given that it’s not overpowering – just like a lazy morning spent in clean bed sheets.

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