I'm a beauty writer who's looked at literally millions of product ingredient lists over the years, and the occasion of finding one without a single dud additive is just chef's kiss. It doesn't happen often, especially outside the realm of clean beauty retailers like Credo. Yet of all the serums on Amazon, Andalou Naturals' is one of those golden few — and right now, it's 45 percent off.  

The brand's Argan Oil + C Natural Glow 3-in-1 Treatment relies on a trifecta of ingredients to "keep fine lines invisible," according to shoppers, namely argan oil, vitamin C, and fruit stem cells. The three-in-one moniker comes from the treatment's uses for your hair, face, and body: It has the capacity to turn mature skin on the face into supple and smooth complexions, shine up hair, and soothe dry elbows, hands, and feet so well that people say their skin look "years younger." 

The combination of 11 plant oils means the formula's on the thicker side, a boon for those with perpetually dry skin. One Colorado-based shopper writes that their sensitive, aging skin loves it, adding that it's gentle enough to use around their eyes, can strengthen peeling nails, and softens their hair's dry ends. 

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Among the 11 oils are dermatologist-favorite jojoba, evening primrose oil, vitamin E, and borage, which a salesperson at a certain dirt-cheap skincare brand once told me brings in shopper raves unlike anything else. Going by the Andalou treatment's Amazon reviews, that's definitely true. 

One 42-year-old shopper calls their skin a "nightmare" before starting it, their face "droopy, leathery and blah." Since incorporating the product, their dark spots have faded, and they say they're back to the skin they loved at 30. 

Another person seconds the phenomenon. "Wish I found this years ago!" they write. "This item made my skin glow and look 10 years younger and cleared up my skin in 2 days, it's a miracle!" Andalou works so well for them that they were able to throw out their other recent skincare purchases (a decluttering master at work). 

Even a shopper who skeptically accepted a free sample says they were instantly converted. "My skin wakes up looking lustrous and younger," they write, adding that compliments roll in on their newfound glow. 

According to long-term users, the proof is in the pudding. And at almost 50 percent off the usual price, now's the time to join the crowd.  

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