Image Source: Getty / Taylor Hill / Contributor

French manicures can be as edgy as they are timeless. On Nov. 20, Kim Petras wore the trending nail to the 2022 American Music Awards, but her version of the look had an added element of drama.

Petras was wearing a “deep” french manicure (where the “smile line” extends to the middle of the nail) in a traditional white-and-pink colorway with tiny hoop piercings on all but two of her fingers. Britney Tokyo, the manicurist behind the look, showed off the manicure on Instagram, simultaneously revealing the products used.

Tokyo started with Nail Labo’s Presto Base Gel ($19, originally $25) and Presto Pre Art Gel ($19, originally $25). Then she used the brand’s Presto Tokyo Spice line in the colors I Love You Berry Match ($11, originally $14) and White ($10, originally $13). Finally, she finished with the Presto Hard Top Gel ($19, originally $25) and No Wipe Top Gel ($19, originally $25).

Petra’s nails are the perfect segue into the “indie-sleaze” beauty era that is approaching. If you want to try the trend, add grungy details to your typical beauty looks, such as nail piercings, messy eyeshadow, or deliberately mussed hair. Take a closer look at Petras’s manicure below.

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