Kim Kardashian’s long locks have become part of her image over the years, but the reality star recently gave us a sneak peek behind the styling.

In a holiday TikTok, the Skims founder was without her usual extensions, following a switch back to brunette after a platinum blonde transformation last year.

Where we usually see Kim wearing voluminous wigs or keratin-straight extensions, her hair in the video is shoulder length, naturally wavy, and a marked change from her usual sleek, shampoo advert shiny ‘do.

While it shouldn’t be revolutionary, many have praised the 42-year-old’s candid reveal.

Journalist Mared Parry said on Twitter: ‘Realising that this is what Kim Kardashian’s real hair looks like despite having the best possible care that money can buy has made me feel so much better about my own.’

‘Celebs need to do this more often in my opinion,’ wrote another user. ‘It’s crazy the number of people that idolise celebs and want hair just like theirs, when it’s just extensions.’

If you decide to DIY the removal, take your time and be precise. Avoid using products you haven’t tried before (as they may cause a reaction) and follow instructions to the letter.

Work with your extensionist on aftercare

If you go down the professional route, it’s worth seeing if your hairdresser can offer their input.

The experts at NuTress say: ‘When you have your hair extensions removed, ask your extensionist about the condition of your own hair, ask to see photographs of your scalp.

‘Don’t feel awkward, a good extensionist will be happy to show you.’

Then you can tailor aftercare to your needs.

Clarify and moisturise

When extensions are removed, there may be residue on your scalp, so wash thoroughly twice with a clarifying shampoo right afterwards.

Once the hair is clean, use a moisturising hair mask or bond building treatment like Olaplex to add nourishment and get you back to basics.

Let hair recover

So your mane is now fully home-grown. The next step is to give hair the TLC it needs to grow healthier and longer.

‘If you avoid using heated tools to style your hair for a long period of time, your hair will recover much faster and will prevent further damage,’ advise the experts at Hey Stacey.

They also recommend biotin supplements for hair health, silk pillowcases to minimise breakage, and sun or heat protection sprays.

Follow the same rules you would normally to look after hair: apply masks regularly, wash sparingly, and keep aggressive styling to a minimum.

Try clip-ins or a halo

Even if your natural hair is in tip-top condition after your extensions are gone, you may still crave that length and body.

Clip-in extensions can provide the exact same effect without making permanent changes – and nowadays there’s a wealth of real and synthetic options to choose from that are a far cry from the clip-ins of years gone by.

Alternatively, a halo hairpiece reduces damage and is even easier to fit. Simply section off the top and bottom of your hair, then place the band over the parting, unclip the top section and brush through any gaps with your fingers.

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