• Kate Hudson, 42, shared a sweet series of beach vacation photos with her family on Instagram.
  • The actress casually snuck in a photo of herself wearing a thong bikini and looking super toned head-to-toe, especially her strong booty.
  • Kate shared her new tough workout routine and trainer to “find that ass properly again.”

Kate Hudson, 42, is all about working her best ass-et. On a recent family getaway, she showed off the ah-mazing results beachside. A longtime fan of Pilates, Kate’s been training and flexing every little muscle in her abs and booty for many years, and it shows.

The proof? Kate casually added a photo of herself jumping in the ocean off a boat wearing a thong bikini. The mom of three’s whole bod looks seriously strong suspended in mid-air.

Looks can be deceiving apparently. As the actress says she’s doubling down on her workouts with a new hard regime to get her bod “responding” and “powering” how she likes. It seems Kate has some big goals and is working her seriously toned butt off to hit them.


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In a new series of Instagram Stories, Kate revealed that she’s going twice as hard to “find that ass properly again.” She’s not exaggerating.

Yesterday, she shared a clip from her intense workouts with trainer Brian Nguyen, a.k.a. Dragon Master. “My body always snapped back pretty quickly after babies. Food is 80% of the process always BUT,” she captioned her cable workout, “I realized she wasn’t powering the way I like! I was quite athletic when I was younger and she hasn’t been responding to my usual. So I said F**K IT and called on a master to wake her ass up! And that’s exactly what he’s doing. And it’s HARD. And it’s every day. I’m basically ‘in season’ and I love it. Don’t know why I waited so long to push her this hard. Let’s see what she (my body) can do at 42” She followed her cable workout vid with a clip of her training with a “sled” on the ground, pulling what looks like a lawn mower (??) in her driveway.

Meanwhile, Kate is still keeping up her Pilates-inspired workout with her longtime friend and trainer Nicole Stuart.

“Kate has a love/hate relationship with butt workouts,” Stuart previously told Women’s Health. Her at-home booty routine includes hamstring curls, single-leg hamstring curls, and three different types of leg lifts (up and over, donkey kick, and fire hydrant).

Eating healthy is also a top priority. In her December cover story for Women’s Health, Kate said she eats around five times a day. Each morning, she starts her day by drinking celery juice and a protein shake, plus oatmeal, an acai bowl, or eggs. All of her other meals are mostly plant-based and include squash or zucchini noodles. Occasionally, she’ll mix up her diet with chicken, fish, or steak.

She worked with WW to reach her goal weight, but it looks like Kate has her sights set on leveling up her strength.

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