Jenna Ushkowitz Looks Back on Her Role In Glee, and Those Chunky Blue Highlights

Jenna Ushkowitz has summer on the brain — not just because she’s a fan of the warm weather, but she’s also because she’s getting married in two months. That’s one of the reasons she’s been so busy lately. The other is because she just partnered with Joah for its new Sun & Seoul Collection.

“The Sun & Seoul Collection is close to my heart because I was born in Seoul,” Ushkowitz told POPSUGAR. “I’m a Korean adoptee, so obviously any kind of Korean beauty is just really special to me.” She’s even found a new product that she plans on incorporating into her wedding day beauty prep through the partnership (more on that later).

Looking forward two months to her wedding and back 12 years to Glee, Ushkowitz shared her thoughts on her iconic blue chunky highlights from season one of the show, the products from set that she uses in her personal routine now, and how she’s getting ready for her special day ahead.

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