If you’re curious about the Korean beauty cult-fave “glass skin,” you might be surprised to know it all comes down to incorporating the right products in your day-to-day routine. Used to describe skin so dewy, smooth, and glowy it looks like glass (or a glazed donut), “glass skin” is the epitome of a healthy, luminous complexion (via Healthline). As Glamour explains, it takes a certain amount of work to achieve glass skin, highlighting a whopping 11-step routine to get there. That being said, K-beauty expert and Peach and Lily founder Alicia Yoon told the outlet that it’s truly about balancing the skin’s pH, getting it as healthy as possible, and getting some serious hydration. 

If looking to get radiant glass skin, Yoon told Glamour you should first start with a gentle cleanse in the mornings, using a sulfate-free, soothing formula. The next step is different from most routines, following up with an essence, or “super-toner,” that’s packed with hyaluronic acid. A K-beauty mainstay, essences are similar to serums, penetrating the skin with supreme moisture (via Byrdie), and Yoon recommends applying a pH-balancing one with just your hands (no cotton rounds here!). You can follow that up with an essence-soaked pad for even more moisture, especially if it packs other benefits like antioxidants.

Everything to know about getting 'glass skin'

Even though your skin might already feel soft and supple, there are still several steps to go for getting your skin glassy and down-right gleaming. Healthline recommends layering on a moisturizing, antioxidant-rich serum or face oil for optimal results. Skincare specialist Grace Lee told the outlet that serums with vitamins and hyaluronic acid are best, or a plant-based face oil. Glamour also recommends a serum for this step, especially one that’s supercharged with fatty acids and peptides.

After your serum is in place, go for a moisturizer (yes, really). A cream with antioxidants will work best (via Glamour), while Allure recommends sticking to water-based. Next up is a rich eye cream to seal in the area’s thin, delicate skin, which Glamour suggests should be a combination of peptides, collagen, and other skin-firmers. If you haven’t used a face oil yet, follow up with a few drops of squalane, jojoba, grapeseed, or other skin-safe oils, which should inject your skin with even more antioxidants and moisture. Finish off with a dermatologist-recommended sunscreen, preferably water-based and hydrating (via Healthline).

At night, repeat your morning routine, simply double-cleansing to make sure you remove all your makeup and day-to-day pollution. For even glassier skin, use an exfoliating mask once a week, which should help kick blackheads to the curb (via Glamour). A once-weekly hydrating mask will make sure your skin is as glazed as ever, giving you the glass skin of your dreams.

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