Confused About the Order of Your Skin-Care Routine? Just Remember This Simple Tip

During childhood, skin care seemed simple: Wash your face, then . . . done! For adults, though, skin care often involves multiple products, textures, and treatments to address the specific needs of our complexion. And that’s when things can get a little more tricky. For instance, you might wonder what products should be in your skin-care routine — and then once you’ve identified them, you might not understand in what order your skin-care products should go on.

Really, though, the answers aren’t complicated. If you’re confused about the order of your skin-care routine, remember this simple rule: apply products with lighter textures first, building to the heaviest or most substantial at the end. Generally, this means you’ll begin with water-based products, keeping those closest to skin. Next, emulsions (aka, products that have both water and oil in some form) go on to help create more of a barrier. Lastly, it’s time for oils or oil-based balms before applying sunscreen.

Need an example skin-care setup? Read on to see how you can layer an effective, affordable winter skin-care regimen from e.l.f. cosmetics — step by step.

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