The names Chloe and Halle Bailey are known across the world for their incredible musical talent. But now, they’re making a name for themselves in the beauty world, partnering with one of the most beloved skincare brands in the game, Neutrogena. ESSENCE got to sit down with the duo to find out their favorite products, the struggle of keeping clear skin in quarantine, and so much more.

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Can you talk about, you know, your reaction when you found out the news that you were going to be partnering with Neutrogena?

CHLOE: Oh Halle and I were absolutely floored. We’re so excited. In fact, I’m still so excited. We’ve been sitting on this incredible news for a few months, and to finally be able to tell the world it just brings so much joy and happiness to us.

I think it’s also just such a big deal, as black girls. I remember as a teenager seeing Gabrielle Inion in the Neutrogena commercials, Kerry, Washington as well. Can you talk a little bit about knowing that younger Black girls and Black women will see you all and just feel represented by this brand?

HALLE: I mean, just like you said, it’s so important to us to be able to see ourselves on screen and see people who look like us. It’s so close to our hearts and it teaches us to accept and love our skin for what it. With Neutrogena, we’ve always seen, just like you said, Gabrielle Union or Kerry Washington more recently. It was just so amazing and beautiful to see them be themselves inside and out, and they’ve always been such an inspiration. So the fact that we get to kind of be the faces for this generation is really exciting and we pinch ourselves often because it really means a lot to us. Inclusivity means a lot in terms of being able to find products for our skin as Black women, and being able to find sunscreens for us as Black women that actually work and don’t leave that white cast. You know, the struggle is real in the beauty industry, and often times it’s harder for us to find the products that we need. So we’re so proud of Neutrogena for taking strides to actually care about that and listen to what our community has to say. So very grateful.

What are your favorite products? I was always the Oil-Free Acne Wash girl, so I want to know what it is for each of you.

CHLOE: For me. I really I’m literally obsessed the Micellar Water Wipes and I’ll tell you why. I’ve recently really gotten into makeup and I love it so much and I tend to get lazy. Sometimes I get tired at the end of the day, and I just need a good wipe. This wipe gets all my eyeliner off, it gets the lip stain off, and my skin isn’t left feeling irritated or red, because I have very sensitive skin. So that’s definitely one of my favorites. Another one I love is their whole Hydroboost series because it’s so hydrating and I love a good glow and for my skin to be dewy. Last but not least, it would have to be the Invisible Daily Defense Sunscreen because being Black women, it doesn’t leave a white cast. It keeps us looking glowy and fresh. And even though we are Black women and our melanin is so beautiful, we’ve got to protect that. So I definitely think sunscreen is important. It helps with the less appearance of hyperpigmentation as well because you’re protecting it from the UV rays from the sun. Those would have to be like my top three.

HALLE: For me, I would have to say the Oil-Free Acne Wash as well. I noticed that I tend to get a bit more bumps and acne than my sister, because we have two very different skin types. And we really realized that when we were touring together, I would just break out so bad, and the different water in every place we would go would really affect me. So just keeping up with my routine and knowing that sometimes I get stubborn pimples, I need something to kind of zap it. That said, one of the products I love most is the Stubborn Marks PM Acne Treatment. It’s a spot treatment that you put on the bumps that are just not being nice to you that day. Then you look up, and they’re gone. I’m learning to accept how unpredictable my skin is. Some days it will be really clear and some days it won’t be. But that’s okay because I’m learning how to care for it.

You talked about being on tour. Did you all have any issues during the pandemic with your skin? Everyone was talking about maskne and dermatitis, and even my skin was acting up. So how did your skin fair in the beginning of the last year?

CHLOE: Thank God that my skin was okay, but I will tell where the struggle was happening for me. I really love to get my nails done. I currently have them done now with butterfly designs. I don’t know how to do my nails so when the pandemic first started, I couldn’t go to the nail salon. I held onto my gel toes for the longest. It was like this red color and it was so cute, but it just really grew out. I eventually said, ‘Okay, Chloe, let it go.’ So I had bare nails for a minute, but I learned to love it. That’s where my struggle was.

HALLE: Yeah. We didn’t get our nails done for a while. That was one struggle. But then also I was getting maskne and my skin was irritated. So trying to get rid of those bumps and then cover them up was rough. Then, when I covered them up and put the mask over it, it would just make it worse sometimes so I had to learn how to navigate that.

And how did you all kind of figure out your routine on the road? Like, cause I know that could be a lot of trial and error.

HALLE: For me, it was hard because every show we would put on makeup and I think I just wasn’t cleansing my skin properly. We would be working so hard and just want to sleep in makeup. But the makeup residue sinks into your skin. So I think I just learned with time, that I had to keep a routine that kept my skin clear.

And finally, I want to ask if you all say Coming To America 2, because the actress Nomzamo Mbatha who plays Mirembe is actually a Neutrogena ambassador as well. So I wonder what you thought of her performance.

CHLOE: I’m watching this weekend. It’s on my bucket list because I’ve been too busy to watch any television, but that’s been like at the top of my list. I’ve heard so many good things about it. I cannot wait to watch.

HALLE: I’m so excited to watch it as well, we love her.

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