In his upcoming movie The Lost City of D, Channing Tatum plays the Fabio-esque cover model for a popular series of romance novels, who gets caught up in an adventure while on a book tour with author Sandra Bullock. It’s not hard to see why the Magic Mike actor would be cast in such a role—and in a recent Instagram post to celebrate the end of shooting on the movie, Tatum showed off his famously shredded six-pack, while getting a post-filming buzzcut.

“And just like that… our 1st Charlie yells ‘and that’s a wrap’… and i feel myself coming back and the hair starts coming off,” he wrote in the caption. “And now time… time for all the things. Mine time. Getting back to me before the next creative adventure into someone and somewhere else. I’m so happy and easy right now. Breathing and gonna indulge in this life I’ve been blessed with. Be easy.”

Tatum is a fan of the shirtless mirror selfie, otherwise known as the thirst trap, having posted several to his socials this year alone. His parched followers certainly seem to appreciate them. And, to give the man credit, he works hard to maintain that lean, shredded physique.

Channing is a full-on athlete,” the actor’s longtime friend and personal trainer Arin Babaian told Men’s Health, before breaking down how Tatum prepares for his physically demanding roles, from dancing to dangerous stunts. “I have a lot of friends who are stunt performers and they have all said that he could definitely be a stuntman if that had been the profession he chose. He’ll always attempt his stunts if he’s allowed to.”

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