Former Olympic gymnast Nile Wilson is all about pushing bodybuilders and strongmen to test their limits in the gym. He’s also not afraid to turn the tables—like when he famously stepped up to do a strongman workout and absorb a devastating punch to the gut from former ‘World’s Strongest Man’ Eddie Hall. In his most recent video, Wilson performed another crossover, inviting bodybuilder, fitness model, and Mr. Olympia runner-up Ryan Terry to try his challenging Olympic gymnastics workout.

As they prepare for a speed run through the various exercises, Wilson preps Terry by assessing his flexibility and mobility, asking him to perform a full split. Terry, respectably, nearly makes it all the way to the floor, earning a passable “six out of ten” rating from Wilson. Terry says that after the video, he wants to continue to perfect his splits. “That’s how it grabs you. Gymnastics grabs you by the throat and it goes, I want to become obsessed with this because you need to get better,” Wilson says.

Between exercises, Wilson and Terry discuss some of the similarities between gymnastics and bodybuilding, and how the sense of competition fuels them both to improve their skills. “Yours is built for performance, mine’s built just to look at,” Terry says about their respective muscle definition.

Finally, it’s time for the main event: Terry puts in his best effort, performing a series of simple movements involving rope climbs, forward rolls, and parallel bars—but skipping the high bar. Terry completes the entire sequence in just over a minute, and manages to reach the low bar. Then they run through another series of handstands and flips—culminating with Wilson attempting a speed run of his won. (Predictably, he manages to beat Terry’s time—while doing all of the assigned tasks—by mere seconds. Check out the video above to watch the two go head-to-head.

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