Ghost Tattoo Ideas

  • Ghost tattoos are an eternal fan favorite of Halloween-lovers.
  • From simple ghost tattoos to cute ghost tattoos, they show off your spooky spirit.
  • These 35 designs, ranging in size, color, and shape, are sure to inspire your own ghost tattoo.

Nothing shows your dedication to the spooky spirit quite like getting a Halloween tattoo to commemorate the holiday. From cute ghosts to famous slasher figures, Halloween offers a multitude of tattoo ideas in the realm of all things macabre and malignant. However, if you’re not into scary or gory body art, consider getting a ghost tattoo instead.

Easily recognizable and often associated with All Hallows’ Eve — but not exclusively so, meaning it also works even after the holiday — the ghost is an ideal ghoul to tattoo. Though the concept may seem straightforward (it is just a floating sheet, after all), ghost tattoos vary depending on your creative desires. You can get a small ghost tattoo or big, elaborate design, something simple or complex, and the design lends itself to just about anywhere on your body. Some designs venture into the realm of whimsy, with ghost cats, ghost dogs, and even the more eccentric ghost moth. Other examples incorporate bold color and wild patterns, making for some groovy art. The ideas ahead reflect the diversity of the seemingly simple ghost-tattoo concept, hopefully sparking your holiday spirit without causing too big a fright. After all, taking the spooky out of our favorite ghoul might just be what you need in a new tattoo.

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