THE internet has revolutionised the way we travel – from cutting out travel agents to providing inspiration for unknown destinations through social media sites like Instagram.

But it turns out that we should all be using the old fashioned phone method when it comes to booking our next holiday.

That's according to TV travel expert Peter Greenberg, who hosts the Travel Detective show on American TV channel PBS.

He told Forbes that most holiday companies don't offer up all of their deals and hotel rooms online, so web customers will never have the best choice.
He said: "Only 52 per cent of all the available inventory is online – it is only there as the travel providers want to make it available.

"Pick up the phone, have that conversation… what you’re seeing your screen is not what they’re seeing on their screen."

Sun Online Travel previously reported that hotels also tend to save their best rooms in every price bracket for people who book with them direct, rather than on third party booking websites.

That’s because they have to pay between ten and 30 per cent commission to booking sites for every reservation that comes through them – a big chunk of their income.

However, if you book with the hotel direct, all of the payment goes to them, which means they are far more likely to be generous with upgrades, WiFi and all of the other add-ons.

Shane Lambert, a former hotel manager said: "A lot of hotels punish people for booking through third-party sites.



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"They don’t like paying the commission and would rather you booked with the hotel directly – the consequence is that you get the worst room within the room category you book a lot of the time."

Often, if you call the hotel direct, they will be more than happy to match the price.

If you do insist on booking online though, a recent investigation revealed that clearing your cookies before searching for a holiday could knock hundreds of the cost of a package.

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