Ah, halloumi. The salty Cypriot cheese veggies and meat-eaters alike can’t get enough of.

According to the British High Commission in 2019, Brits wolf down 12,000 tonnes of halloumi cheese a year.

Halloumi is hard to get right though, with haters claiming it’s too rubbery in texture – though we say, they just haven’t had a chunk of the cheese done well yet.

There are plenty of places to get a halloumi fix across the capital, with even McDonald’s now serving up halloumi fries, showing how popular the veggie-safe ingredient is.

These are some of our favourite spots to have a halloumi-based dish.

Franco Manca

Limited edition for the summer, there’s a new pizza called the No.3 topped with halloumi, courgettes, tomatoes and mint.

They aren’t stingy with the halloumi, which is layered on in thick strips.

It’s a tasty pizza – though we recommend ordering a dip on the side, as it needs a glaze or drizzle of some kind to add a little moisture.

Check out Franco Manca’s menu and book here


The fried halloumi doughnuts at Jeru are a thing of glory; pillow soft and packed with flavour.

This is comfort food elevated to the nth degree, balanced by tangy goat’s cheese, lemon zest, and chives while a drizzle of truffle honey adds some sweetness.

Check out the Jeru menu and book here

Oli Baba’s

Tucked at the end of a strip of stalls in Camden Lock’s market, Oli Baba’s serves up only halloumi fries – so good are they, nothing else is needed on the menu.

The fries are loaded with a honeyed glaze, yogurt, pomegranate seeds and seasoning.

It really is as good as it looks, and they’re great for sharing to avoid feeling ‘heavy’ afterwards.

Check out the menu and timings here

The Black Penny

You can’t go wrong with halloumi on the side of eggs and other fry up ingredients.

The Black Penny have an interesting take on a veggie breakfast, with their own version of beans that have a spicy kick.

Alongside the saltiness of the halloumi – prepared in the simplest of ways to let the flavour sing – you’ve got the perfect brunch.

Check out The Black Penny’s menu and book here

Gourmet Goat

Located in Borough Market, Gourmet Goat specialises in Cypriot food.

They’re big on sustainability, so make use of mature halloumi cheese to avoid wastage.

Try one of the wraps, which is filled with a smoky sauce.

Check out the Gourmet Goat menu here

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

One for pesto lovers, this side dish sees halloumi strips topped with the green stuff, with a pesto mayo dipping sauce.

If you’re tired of seeing halloumi paired with chilli sauces, this is for you.

Check out the Gourmet Burger Kitchen menu and book here

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