DEAR DEIDRE: A FUN fling has turned sinister and the woman I’m sexually involved with is becoming demanding, erratic and freaky.

I am 33 and manage a bar and restaurant.

Our receptionist is a stunning 28-year-old who gets on with all the customers and is very good at her job.

One day we were chatting and she told me her love life was rubbish.

Despite being absolutely gorgeous, she only ever meets men who use her for sex.

I made a throwaway comment that if I wasn’t engaged, I’d love to treat her the right way.

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From then on she definitely made an extra effort around me, and at a work summer party asked me back to her place.

The day before, I had a huge argument with my fiancée, 31, who wasn’t speaking to me.

So, with a few beers inside me, I readily agreed.

We had such a fun night. Even though I was a bit of a messy drunk, she said she didn’t mind and wanted to hook up again when I was more sober.

Now she has started coming up behind me at work and fondling me, or herself.

She’s taken to coming into my office and straddling me.

I was very scared we would get caught but she just laughed.

We have had sex three times at work now but I want it to stop.

My fiancée and I have patched things up and I’m terrified she is going to find out about this.

The receptionist has started phoning me all the time, demanding I meet her immediately.

The excuses are wearing pretty thin with my fiancée.

This woman has started to accuse me of being like all the other men — only using her for sex.

She says I promised I would “treat her right” and she might have to tell my fiancée what kind of man she’s marrying.

I never know when she is going to contact me or what she, is going to do next.

I’m not sure how to wind everything back.


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DEIDRE SAYS: I am afraid the genie is out of the bottle.

All you can do is hope your fiancée loves you enough to give you another chance.

Now that you’ve realised sex on tap can have a downside, you must be firm and clear.

Tell her it was fun while it lasted but it is over.

Stick to your guns.

She may take some convincing, as she knows how to press your buttons.

You would be wise to come clean with your fiancée as it sounds likely your fling will tell her.

It will always come better first hand from you.

You should read my support pack Cheating – Can You Get Over It? which will help you both work out if you can survive this.

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