A WOMAN has revealed how she looks younger at 47 than what she did more than ten years ago – but not everyone agrees with the drastic measures.

Beauty fanatic Olga, 47, took to TikTok to share some of her top tips which have helped her to achieve a more youthful complexion – and there's no Botox or filler in sight.

According to Olga, who also shared snaps of what her skin used to look like before, the answer is simple – beauty sleep.

But although getting a good night's rest is an important factor, the 47-year-old also ensures she follows a routine before going to bed.

In order to avoid wrinkles, Olga mouth-tapes her pout by applying one tape across her lips and two tapes directly onto where she'd have smile lines.

Although it may appear uncomfortable or look a bit eerie, the stunner insisted there are numerous benefits of doing so.


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Sharing her bedtime routine, Olga said that mouth-taping promotes nose breathing and keeps mouth shut for healthy mouth microbiome.

Olga added in the clip that it also helps promote proper tongue posture, which will support bone face structure, as well as assist those who struggle with snoring.

When going to bed, Olga also swears by another beauty essential – silk pillowcases.

Although these are definitely a more pricey investment, ditching cotton fabrics in favour of silk pillowcases can make a huge difference when it comes to achieving soft hair and clearer skin.

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Fans of silk pillowcases rave about the material, claiming it the super smooth surface doesn’t create as much friction – so your locks won’t become frizzy and damaged as you toss and turn.

Beauty lovers also insist that the silk fabric doesn’t absorb as much moisture and dirt compared to cotton, which can be helpful for those prone to acne and blemishes.


But whilst Olga may rave about these tips and tricks, her bedtime routine sparked quite the debate on her social media page.

One, for instance, said: ''No no no, I’m ready for the smile lines and all the lines.''

Another agreed, writing: ''Wow we ll never be free [sic].''

''This makes me so sad,'' a third chimed in.

''I'm going to age out of spite,'' someone else hit back.

''Mouth taping = life changing!'' a fellow beauty enthusiast commented.

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