IN a bid to make some extra money, one man decided to try out a side hustle he heard could rake in cash.

Cowboy hats are all the range right now, whether you're on a big night out or going to a concert – so he decided to make the most of the trend.

"Apparently you can make a killing selling pink cowboy hats to girls outside of bars," he explained.

To put it to the test, he bought a box of 12 hats from Amazon for $75 (£57).

Not only that, but he even made some cheap signs to advertise the hats, using a marker pen and large piece of carboard, which he taped to his T-shirt as he walked around with the hats.

"At nine O'clock at night, I headed down to the closest bars at set up shop."


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It only took minutes for the entrepreneur to make his first sale for $25 (£19) and from there the hats kept going.

He said: "Once word got out that I was selling pink hats people started coming from all over just to buy one from me."

Surprisingly, not all the customers were the "drunk girls" he expected, and over half of them ended up going to "guys who thought they were funny."

After just an hour selling the hats he made a profit of $225 (£172), and the only reason he didn't make more is because he ran out of hats.

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Overall, it's safe to say the idea was a success and didn't require much effort at all.

After sharing the experiment on the TikTok account @reselluniversity, people were amazed by how easy it was to make the money.

One said: "This would go crazy outside concerts like Taylor Swift and Harry Styles."

A second agreed: "Sell these outside theatres showing the Barbie movie!"

"No sober person would spend that much on a cheap hat," another quipped.

And someone else said: "This is actually so smart, but I think you need a permit to do it so not worth it all the time."

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